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For the past century, consumption has grown, causing a vast majority to think differently about how they use the world’s precious and finite natural resources. As we reach ever closer to a tipping point, sustainability has become a more prominent topic in conversations, not only with consumers but also businesses.

In 2012, recognizing the need to offer something more substantial than its competition, a joint venture with investors and Kames Fish Farming Ltd spawned a new partnership, resulting in the formation of Oceanpick. The company pioneered oceanic farm fishing in Sri Lanka in 2013, expanding its operations the following year. By 2016, Oceanpick began offering its sustainably farmed Barramundi fish to some of the leading hotel chains in Sri Lanka.

The following year would bring more new equipment, expanding the operations even further at the Trincomalee facility. In 2019, Oceanpick’s Barranmundi farm would gain the prestigious Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification. Most importantly, this has all been accomplished with full support from the Sri Lankan government. Nearly a decade later, the company is fully committed to providing sustainable, class-leading products to its consumers, both domestic and internationally.

Oceanic Barramundi
With Oceanpick’s Round Island brand, you can shop with confidence, knowing that the selection is world-class, processed in a BRC and HACCP certified processing facility. Round Island offers a wide variety of fresh choices, like skin on fillets, slices, and whole Barramundi fish. The website also offers fresh skin off fillets, cubes, and strips. There is also an option for frozen Barramundi, which can also be purchased in portions or slices.
With Round Island, you can order online and have premium Barramundi delivered to your door fresh on ice or quick frozen using the company’s cold chain process.

But most important, all of the above products are produced ethically and with sustainability in mind. That means you can enjoy delicious Barramundi from South Asia’s first-ever offshore farm year in and year out, without there being a change in quality.