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Barramundi Teriyaki by Darshan’s Kitchen


400g Muhudu Modha
75ml Mirin
50ml Soy Sauce
100g Corn Starch


Step 1
First, to make the Teriyaki Sauce, take 75ml of Mirin & add 50ml of Soy Sauce to it. Cut the Barramundi fillet into smaller pieces. Put the Corn Starch into a bowl & dip the fish pieces into it & cover the pieces properly. Heat the pan & put some butter enough for the pieces. Leave 2-3 minutes per side and leave the fish until it gets crusty.

Step 2
Once it’s done take the sauce created earlier & pour into the pan. Let it sizzle for 2-3 minutes & then take out the fish pieces. Leave the sauce on the pan for another 2 mints & serve it with the fish.