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There is a public perception that fats found in food products are bad for you. But that isn’t always the case, and it certainly doesn’t apply to Omega-3. In fact, Omega-3 provides numerous health benefits and can be found in fish such as Barramundi. Here are ten reasons why Omega-3 is essential for your health.

  1. Improves mental health
  2. Omega-3 rich foods like Barramundi have been shown to improve mental health and can even combat symptoms of depression

  3. Reverses lethargic and irritable emotions
  4. Omega-3 can combat negative feelings that reducing lethargic and irritable behavior.

  5. Strengthen your eyes
  6. Omega-3 can strengthen the development of your retinas, prevent eye disease and macular degeneration.

  7. Fights cancer
  8. Omega-3 has been shown in some studies to fight and decrease the risk of some cancers in adults.

  9. Get a good night’s sleep
  10. Omega-3 has been shown to offer benefits like being able to achieve better sleep.

  11. Healthy and radiant skin
  12. Omega-3 has been shown to protect skin from various diseases and can also assist in maintaining skin health.

  13. Great for your heart
  14. Omega-3 can lower your risk of heart disease, reduce inflammation and anxiety.

  15. Fights Diabetes
  16. Omega-3 rich foods can fight autoimmune diseases like diabetes.

  17. Combats Alzheimer’s
  18. Omega-3 has been shown in multiple studies to combat age-related decline and Alzheimer’s in adults.

  19. Improve child development
  20. Omega-3 can decrease the risk of ADHD, autism, and cerebral palsy development during pregnancy.

Ten reason why Omega3 is important
With all of the above said, Barramundi is an excellent source for Omega-3, offering the highest ratio of Omega-3 to total fat, with an impressive 25 percent. Barramundi also offers the highest level of Omega-3 found in white meat fish, coming in at 960mg per six-ounce serving. A six-ounce serving of Barramundi has 185 calories, with just 5 grams of that being fat. There is no trans-fat. The fillet provides around 34 grams of protein and a wide variety of nutrients, including selenium, zinc, magnesium, vitamin A, and calcium.

Round Island offers premium quality Barramundi that is processed in a BRC and HACCP-certified facility. Furthermore, Round Island products are produced ethically and with sustainability in mind. The company offers a wide variety of choices like fresh skin-on fillets, slices, and whole barramundi fish. It also offers a selection of frozen Barramundi, which can be purchased in portions or slices. You won’t need to go to the market and can instead order online and have it delivered fresh or frozen to your door.