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The Survival of Marine Fauna

Due to its nutritional value and dietary highlights, fish consumption has been expanding universally (Hoque, 2020). By 2050, our planet’s human populace is likely to reach nearly ten billion, a greatly challenging number of individuals to feed sustainably. In any case, with populace development, overfishing, contamination, and sea fermentation, wild fish stocks altogether is diminishing. The UN Food and Agriculture Agency (FAO) attests that the increment in intensive fishing has compromised the survival of 33.1% of commercial species, clearing out them without time to recoup between catches.

However to stretch fishers and fish farmers an encouragement to harvest the seas with long-term environmental health in mind, sustainable fish farming solutions needed to be implemented. Sustainability comes with suitability to the environment, biologically ideal, socially acceptable and economically viable for the stake holders around it. Surprisingly studies also indicates that consumers are indeed willing to pay more for sustainable farmed fish that’s gentler on the environment.

Coming up with the Solutions for the possible threat of Protein deficiency

Understanding the necessity to act promptly and swiftly in finding solutions to the possible threats that could pose upon our populace, Round Island stood up to the challenge in bringing the much-needed change in the Sri Lankan fisheries Industry. As a responsible entity who loved the environment whilst recognizing the growing Consumer preferences wide around the globe for sustainably farmed fish, Round Island emerged to be South Asia’s first-ever offshore oceanic barramundi fish farm. Challenging the existing dilemma of exploiting the sea to reap what is needed at the present, Round Island have come up with a sustainable solution to produce something renewable which we can harvest the produces year in year out without harming the environment.

What Round Island Values the Most

With environmental sustainability on mind our fish farms are planning to protect the biodiversity of marine life as well as they:

1. Adjust to the regenerative rate of fish to preserve a balance and guarantee the survival of all species.
2. Reject the unpredictable capture of the sear and imperiled species or those without commercial value.
3. Minimizes food waste
4. Provide employment for 90% of the small fishing communities
5. Minimize energy utilization and decreases the utilize of chemicals that harm the ozone layer.

Bearing these in mind Round Island takes the utmost precautions in our day-to-day operations in farming fresh Barramundi to ensure we grant the respect and care the ocean deserves!