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The mild tasting white fish which is native to the Indo-Pacific, this diadromous fish is spawned in salt water and then occupy freshwater or marine waters. Barramundi fish species is highly valued commercially and recreationally considered particularly well suited for aquaculture.

Nutritional & Health Benefits

Full of rich omega-3 essential fatty acids (950 mg of combined EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids) and low in saturated fat and high in protein, vitamin D, and many of the B vitamins will help you decrease cardiovascular disease risks, boost brainpower. Recent studies indicate that introducing fish early in a child’s diet may help prevent autoimmune disorders such as asthma and eczema. Further these nutritional elements will help you.

  • Preserves cell membrane health
  • Facilitates communication between neurons
  • Assists in the synthesis and function of neurotransmitters
  • Supports brain blood flow
  • Aids in the growth of brain tissue
  • Supports cognition, including memory

What Round Island Barramundi brings in to your Table – “ Worth Every Rupee Spent”

The Round Island Barramundi is a good choice of fish for a changing world since it offers high cooking versitality and high nutrition value unmatched by many other species. It doesn’t stop there. Unlike other fish you buy from the market with gills & bones which you have to pay for those weight as well. Round Island Barramundi Fillets, fish strips come well cleaned & deboned with no bone weight added, you pay for the meat ONLY. Here’s a Bonus for you, Our Fish Filets are individually vacuum packed which locks-in the freshness and all the goodness of the fish. The vaccum pack also ensures there is no messy spills or strong odour. Since it is well cleaned, it is ready to be cooked, with seasoning of your choiuce. Our processing teams work hard to ensrue that you can easily cook, eat, and enjoy without a hassle.

Sustainable Lean Protein for your Family’s Dining Experience

In the recent past farmed fish has been under a lot of examination and criticism. However, we trust that we’ve got the perfect seafood solution that actually makes respectable sense. As we constantly strive to protect sensitive but complex marine environments by reducing resource consumption and carbon emission in our ocean farms, our Barramundi is fed a predominantly plant-based protein diet with a modest amount of sustainably sourced fishmeal. Hence, we believe that we’ve made noteworthy progress in sustainable fish farming.

Many ways to cook

Barramundi is well suited for Baking, Grilling, Broiling, Frying, Steaming, Smoking, or even as Sashimi. Barramundi offers itself to a countless of international cuisines and styles where (few famous dishes would be fish sandwiches, fish tacos, fish and chips, pasta dishes). Feel free to visit our recipes segment to discover diverse ways to appreciate this premium quality fish made to your own taste by yourself at your home.

We will bring it to your Door Step

Expanding our geographical footprint further to bring barramundi conveniently to our consumers we now undertake orders through our website to arrange deliveries to your door step as well. A wide spread network along with leading Supermarket chains like Cargills Food City, Arpico Super Centre, SPAR, Glomark supermarkets distribute Round Island Barramundi products to each corner in Sri Lanka to bring the islanders this premium quality fish.

Everyone loves Round Island Barramundi. Because there is no limit to the countless benefits you can derive from our fish. Visit our online store to place your Barramundi order now.