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Barramundi is one of the best options for seafood, thanks to its great taste, health benefits, and its low impact on the Earth. In this article, we will outline the top reasons why Barramundi is the best choice in seafood.

  1. Health Benefits

Barramundi packs half the calories of other world-renowned fish like salmon. It packs an extraordinary amount of protein while still offering proper nutritional value. One of the most important is that it is rich in Omega-3, offering such health benefits as:

The contribution of Omega-3 during pregnancy can also lead to vast improvements in a child’s development like:

Barramundi also has been shown to offer benefits like being able to achieve better sleep, along with improvements in skin health. With all of these benefits, some would even go as calling Barramundi a superfood.

  1. Nutrition Benefits

A six-ounce fillet of Barramundi comes in at around 185 calories, with just 5 grams of that being fat. There is no trans-fat, and the fillet provides around 34 grams of protein, which is an incredible amount from such a small portion. Barramundi offers a wide variety of nutrients that include selenium, zinc, magnesium, vitamin A and calcium. By eating barramundi, you’ll also get the added benefit of lowering your risk of heart disease, inflammation, and anxiety. Barramundi can even fight autoimmune diseases like diabetes, while also fighting age-related decline and Alzheimer’s in adults.

Round Island Fresh Barramundi

  1. Mercury

While fish can be an excellent source of nutrients and protein, they can contain some mercury. Mercury is dangerous because it can be highly toxic, damaging your cardiovascular and nervous system. Swordfish, mackerel, and some forms of tuna offer some of the highest levels, meaning that you don’t want to eat a lot of these types of fish. That is why it is important to eat fish that offer little to no mercury. Round Island is a company that prides itself on providing high-quality Barramundi, raising fish that are not exposed to hormones, colorants, or antibiotics. Barramundi is also safe for pregnant women and children since they have no detectable levels of mercury, PCBs, or other contaminants. Despite the safe nature of some fish, you’ll want to consult your local physician if you have any questions or concerns when it comes to your health and mercury.


On top of all of the benefits listed above, the Barramundi tastes fantastic, offering just the right texture with a delicate flavor. Furthermore, it is also easy to prepare and cook due to the specialized process involved in preparing and packaging since they are processed in a BRC and HACCP-certified facility. Furthermore, Round Island products are produced ethically and with sustainability in mind. Round Island offers a wide variety of choices like fresh skin-on fillets, slices, and whole barramundi fish. Those who want a little more flexibility when it comes to ease of use can take advantage of its frozen barramundi selection, which can be purchased in portions or slices. Best of all, you don’t need to go to the market; you can order online and have it sustainable fish delivered fresh or frozen to your door.